Management Commitee

List of Members of The SMC





1. Arun Kumar Singh Chairman M.Com.
2. Jay Prakash Verma Manager B.Sc.
3. Vinay Chnadra Jha Principal M.A. (B.Ed.)
4. Asha Verma Member B.A. (B.Ed.)
5. Naval Kishore Member B.A.
6. Shakil Ahmad Member B.A.
7. Rakesh Kumar Member M.A. M.Ed.
8. Varun Mitra Member M.A. M.Ed.
9. Vignesh Jha Member M.Ed.
10. Dr. Divesh Chandra Mishra Member M.B.B.S
11. Jalandhar Prasad Member B.Ed.
12. Chinta Devi Member B.A.
13. Neha HOS M.Sc., M.Phil., B.ED

This is to certify that the above mentioned members are in the School Managing Committee of Himalayan Public School and their tenure, other than the Society’s representative is of three years in normal circumstances. This is further declared that no member has any blood relation with one another.